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"Jacob’s passion for fitness and well-being runs deeper than just a hobby, it’s a lifestyle he’s been committed to since we were kids. You can be sure that when you work with Jacob you are getting top notch education and care from someone with not just the certification, but the true love for physical self improvement that comes from someone who’s committed to keeping not just their body but also their mind in peak state. Working with Jacob will be a challenge that you will thank yourself for"


"I worked with Jacob for about 3 months. Every single class he brought amazing energy, something new and incredibly beneficial workouts. My favourite thing about working with Jacob was that he really emphasises the lifestyle changes. The small changes I made led me to losing over 15 lbs in such a short time and I wish we could have worked together longer!"


"amazing trainer! completely changed my perspective on fitness and Jacob brings such a good attitude to training sessions. I enjoyed pushing myself everyday and reaching my goals. Thank you Jacob you go!"


"Everyone I would really recommend Jacob! He has so much passion for improving others and is super encouraging. Thank you for all your help and I can finally wear my fave clothes!"


"Having never set foot in a gym before starting my sessions with Jacob I was a little apprehensive about what to expect. But my experience in having Jacob as a PT has been nothing but positive so far . Jacobs attitude towards the workouts is always very motivational and he will always keep you on your toes and working hard to push yourself. After 6 weeks of training, I could already see visible results in my muscle tone, strength, and posture. Now after 8 weeks I am seeing improvements week by week in how strong I feel and my recovery times. Jacob is very accommodating and will always listen to you in terms of what you want to be working on, and is always available via text or in-person to answer any questions you may have.  I would highly recommend Jacob to anyone who is looking for a PT as his knowledge and skill set applies to anyone, from a complete beginner like myself all the way up to a professional athlete."


"I can’t rate Jacob highly enough! As someone new to training I was really nervous about starting and who would be coaching me. I needn’t have been - since our first session he has been encouraging, friendly and pushed me in just the right way to achieve some amazing results in a short amount of time. He is holistic in his approach and very knowledgeable about health and fitness and has given me advice on everything from diet to personal training regimes and equipment."


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